Pros and cons of room service

At times when you have booked a hotel room, you would like to have room service instead of walking up and down the hotel to get your food and beverages. However, not all people like hotel room services, and hence, it is only for the chosen few. Therefore, before you decide to have room service, you should know its advantages and also its disadvantages so that you can make the right decision. The following are some of the pros and cons of room service:


1. You can enjoy your meals in privacy.

Room service allows you to order your meals and beverages from your room, and hence you also get the chance to take the meals from the room. For this reason, you will have your privacy and even eat and drink in privacy. This is why people who love eating and drinking in privacy prefer going to room service to eating and drinking in an open hotel dining room.

2. With room service, you can make your orders at any time.

Since room since means you have to spend an extra amount of your cash, whenever you require food or drinks, you can make your orders. For this reason, you can have your meals at any time you need them even if it is at odd hours.

3. It is a way of saving time.

When you feel hungry or thirsty, you can order your food and drinks from your room instead of leaving your room or going to the hotel bars and restaurants to take your meals or drinks. For this reason, room service is a better way of saving time getting instant services. Secondly, in case you are having a private meeting, you do not have o stop the meeting so that you can go out to have your meals and hence you have to make your orders and continue with your session thereby saving time.

4. Room services do not restrict you from your lifestyle.

In terms of dress code, you are not restricted so much when you are in your room, and you need to eat or drink when you have paid for room service. For this reason, you can take your drinks when you are in a bathtub or even in your casual wear since you are in a private place.

5. It’s a way of inviting celebs

Most celebrities hide so much from the public and also the media. For this reason, when they know that your hotel allows room service, they will always come to your hotel for meetings or even their events. Room service is a way of inviting celebrities.


1. It is expensive.

When you need room service, you have to pay an extra amount of money and hence it is more expensive.

2. Room services have delays

When the number of people in need of room service is high, you will need to wait for some time. This leads to delays.

3. Limited menus.

Some specific foods and beverages are provided for room services since the chefs work in shifts, and there is no time to prepare and cook other meals that take so much time before they are ready.